Weekly Saturation Mailings

Weekly saturation postcard campaigns are the most cost effective weekly mailing option with prices starting at $169 per week!

  • 13 consecutive week campaigns

  • Copy writing and design

  • Printing

  • Mailed to mail carrier routes 

  • Postage included

Weekly Targeted Mailings

Weekly targeted postcard campaigns are the perfect fit for business owners that are looking for a little more control over who they mail.


Solo postcard mailings are a one time shot.  It delivers a strong boost when you are trying to market  events, new product launches, a sale or a grand opening.

  • 1 time mailing

  • Copy writing and design

  • Printing

  • Mailed to targeted demographics or mail carrier routes 

  • Postage included

  • 13 consecutive week campaigns

  • Copy writing and design

  • Printing

  • Mailed to targeted demographics 

  • Postage included

postcards for business marketing
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We get it!

The inconsistencies in business are enough to drive you nuts.  If there is one thing all business owners want, it is consistent, reliable customers and a steady cash flow. We have developed a product that solves this problem.  We offer weekly postcards at weekly prices. 

What's the downside to mailing a large quantity of postcards at the beginning of the month? You put out a large chunk of cash and end up with a response that is hard to handle all at once.  By taking one large mailing and breaking it up into 13 consecutive weekly mailings, we are able to smooth out the response and cost. Contact us today for more information.


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